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Digital Marketing definitions explained:

What is Digital Marketing ?

Digital marketing is promoting products or services using available digital channels to do so. It is very different from traditional marketing, each digital marketing channel has it`s owns unique features and characteristics.

Who Digital Marketing Analyst is ?

Digital marketing analyst is a person who is looking at all digital channels performance. He understands relationships between them and features of each one of them. He can use his skills and knowledge to pull and wrangle even big data sets to produce – insightful reporting and actionable analysis with specific recommendations.

What does digital marketing analyst do?

There are number of things  Digital Marketing Analyst do, we can divide them in 3 main segments:

  • Reporting ( creating  automated  report to give insight and measure impact)
  • Analysis + recommendations ( Using data for answering buisness question, eg, Which keywords target to maximize  Conversions from SEO,  When to send email so recive best conversion rate,  What are most frequently used keywords in our competitors google news articles )
  • Measure, ( what https migration gave us ?  was the last ranking drop a  google update ? )

What is Digital Marketing analytics ?

Digital marketing analtyics  is process in which You analyse data  using set of different tools and methods.  This process serves few  things, to gather insights about correlations,  to draw conclusions from data, to support  or disprove theories  which we wanted to check.

International Digital Analytics

Finiding country or regional trends and growth opportunties

Actionable Analytics

Only actions make doing deep dives in data useful for business.

Measuring impact

Before doing anything You need to set up measurements to be able to tell what was impact of Your recommendations going live.


What can digital analyst do for You ?

Digital Marketing analyst - for Growth

Digital marketing analyst will help You grow.

Idea behind good Digital marketing analyst is not only for him to have skills  but also understand all digital channels and be able to find  growth by implementing  working  ideas.

Digital Marketing analyst - Revenue

Digital marketing analyst will help You save money.

Optimize  Your actions  , not from  perspective of one channel but all of them, if You do content marketing  do with using SEO and  CTA  for conversion optimization,  if You do PPC  make it better with  landing page optimization by  A/B and multivariate tests.  Use PPC data for SEO and SEO data for PPC.  Trick is to not only look at data, use it.

Digital Marketing analyst for Perfomance

Digital marketin Analyst will lead You.

Set target and drill down to  achieve  them.  Be able to know what You can do, what is sesonality, what is Your real growth, who is  Your real competitor.  Don`t use  dashboards use knowledge and insights for actions.

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