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Conversion Rate Optimization Analyst

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Who is Conversion Rate Analyst? - Definition explained

Conversion Rate Analyst is a person responsible for creating and managing series of tests and  analysis  to make sure  users are most effectively lead to conversion.

Usual CRO Analyst (Conversion Rate Optimization Analyst) tasks  are running through  conversion channel to make sure there are no steps which may be misleading  or confusing for  user.   Conversion Optimization is also creating maintaining and  supporting   user conversion.  It may be something big and obvious  like    error on checkout page, to small tweaks like keeping the same layout  on each screen on conversion funnel, or   adjusting  different colors or text on CTA boxes.

Conversion Rate Analyst resume - CV

PPC Analyst resume should include:

  • Running successful PPC campaigns , handling significant  budget.
  • Project spending pattern forecasting on advance level
  • Ability to provide PPC and Paid Social Strategies and recommendations.
  • Knowledge  on  SEM data sources ( Adwords, GA, Semrush, Similarweb Searchmetrics)
  • Good analytical skills ( example of  analysis – what was the aim, what was the process ( how data was pulled, analyzed, visualized ) what was the insights , what were recommendations  and how was it implemented and measured )
  • Analytical skills,  data science skills, statistical skills
  • Knowledge off platforms for setting up reporting  –  GA, GDS, Gsheets, Power Bi, Tableau etc.

Conversion Rate Analyst

As in this  role main responsibility is to focus on delivering  customer success by analyzing growth possibilities, recommending testing and help in implementing them to boost  customer conversions.

Most important skills and knowledge for that role:

  • Planning, creating and measuring testing  A/B testing, multivariate testing to check   hypothesis.
  • Understanding  user behavior on page, being able to  divide users in groups depending on their target on page, and then analyzing  are they reaching their goals without any problems.
  • Be able to  understand user needs.
  • Project coordinate
  • Creative  thinking   ( each  website is different , and may require  different ideas, different approach,  understanding different  users)
  • Math, Excel, PowerPoint are basics as well,  to analyze data be able to draw conclusions and present it to the business.
  • Knowledge of Optimization tools ability to use them effectively

There are similarities between  Conversion Rate Analyst and Growth Analyst    they both are looking for ways to leverage conversions, but CO Analyst is mostly focused on conversions optimization and Growth Hacker more around ways to increase traffic as well as just help to convert users.

Conversion Rate Analyst tools for analysis and daily job:

Top Conversion Rate Optimization Tools :

Google Analytics + other Google products (GTM, GO, GSC, GDS)
Omniture / Adobe Marketing Cloud
Hot Jar

Conversion Rate Optimisation Analyst Tools can be   grouped  by:


Quantitative Tools –  answering to question what:

What is  the conversion rate on my site ?

What pages  are responsible for bringing  conversions ?

What is the step when most users drop out  from the  buying process?

Conversion Rate Optimization Analysts  can find answers  to those questions  in Google Analytics, Omniture for example.


Qualitative Tools –  answering to question why ?:

Why people are not  converting  ?

Why  they don`t buy  most profitable  things ?

Why Conversion rate is lower  on some pages ?

Answer to those questions can be revealed by  looking at recordings from sessions from hot jar, or  heat maps in  crazy egg which gives   CRO Analyst  best idea about  reasons why.


Testing Tools –  answering to question how ?:

How to make  CTA better ?

How to move users  faster in conversion funnel?

How to warm up cold  leads ?

Don`t make assumptions!  Use data!  Do testing !   – for example for free with Google Optimize. Test different conversion optimization ideas  and  choose best one , make testing a continuous  process.

Conversion Rate Analyst

Salary for PPC Data analyst, really depends from many factors like experience, job responsibilities, size of company  etc.

For example in UK  30- 40k

How much do Conversion Rate Analyst/ specialist make??

This of course depends  from many many factors,   just as example I`m comparing here from popular job offers site:

UK median   30-35k GBP

US median 65 k USD

What is the role of Conversion Rate Analyst/specialist??

Managing Paid  Search Data, looking for opportunities to improve performance by increasing ROI .  Making  sure   all paid  advertising is effective and efficient.

Are there any free tools for Conversion Optimization Analyst??

Sure there are  many , one of them is  Hot Jar which has  plan for free usage which is very helpful for new starters. also Yandex metrica has some free heatmap tool.

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