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Display Advertising Analyst

Display Advertising Analyst ? - Definition explained

Display Advertising Analyst is  looking into paid  display advertising   using analysis to improve   performance of this marketing  channel. By looking at data and  using set of  visualizations  drafting  conclusions  and suggestions   actions for reaching   better performance, better ROI – Return on Invest in  Display advertising.

What is display ad?

Display ads are just  advertising boxes which You can see on many many websites  promoting products, services or brand awareness . They of course can be different from small  banner ads  to billboard  ones covering  whole  page. They may be pictures, gifs or even whole videos.  Main target of them is  to convince user to quick  conversion.

What is display advertising ?

Display advertising is a way to monetize website traffic by advertising on website  using different types of display ads.

Display Analyst resume - CV

Display Advertising Analyst resume should include:

  • Experience in Running successful Paid advertising  campaigns  , handling bigger budget.
  • Targeted and retargeted display marketing project experience.
  •  Very strong analytical ability and expertise in Excel and Power Point
  • Ability to provide Display campaings tweaks and recommendations.
  • Knowledge  on  SEM data sources ( Adwords, GA, Semrush, Similarweb Searchmetrics)
  • Good analytical skills ( example of  analysis – what was the aim, what was the process ( how data was pulled, analyzed, visualized ) what was the insights , what were recommendations  and how was it implemented and measured )
  • Analytical skills,  data science skills, statistical skills math.
  • Knowledge off platforms for setting up reporting  –  GA, GDS, Gsheets, Power Bi, Tableau etc.

Display Analyst skills

For Display Ad Analyst  most important basic skills would be:

  • Math ( it`s a must- without  fluent basic math, percentage, growth  You are not able


  • Charts plots  comparisons reading


  • Excel skills ( pivot table, functions: vlookup, countifs, sumifs, averageifs, if, and, or, left, right)


  • Analysis :
    • Narrative Analysis
    • Descriptive Analysis
    • Basic forecasting


  • Reporting
    • Automate dashboards (excel)
    • Using reporting platforms ( Tableau, Power BI, Google Data Studio)
    • Data visualization skills

Creative ideas

Understanding UX ,

A/B and Multivariate  testing.

Display Advertising Analyst tools for analysis and daily job:

Most important tools to know

Google products (GS, GA, GDS) for Data
adroll ( for retargeting)

Display Analyst Salary

Salary for Display Analyst, really depends from many factors like experience, job responsibilities, size of company  etc.

Biggest factors is country  where SEO Analys will be working

For example in UK  30- 40k

How much do Display Analyst/ specialist make??

This of course depends  from many many factors,   just as example I`m comparing here from popular job offers site:

UK median   30-35k GBP

US median 65 k USD

What is the role of Display Analyst / Specialist??

Role of Display Analyst / Specialist / Manager would be to manage  optimize and improve performance of display Ads campaigns.

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