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Who is PPC Analyst? - Definition explained

PPC Analyst is  person responsible for  analyzing Pay Per Click  Media performance , using data and analytical skills and tools  to optimise outcomes from all PPC ativities depending on KPI,  most important  would be improving ROI.


Similar to SEO Analyst, Pay Per Click  Media Analyst is using  his analytical skills, logical thinking, problem solving, thinking about possible correlations and possible insights for optimization, and number of  different many tools for  analyzing data from  PPC specyfic tools like AdWords Editor, WordStream Advisor, AdWords Performance Grader, SEMrush, Spyfu, Unbounce,  and others Excel, SQL, Python, R to Platforms for visualizations like Tableau, Power Bi, Google Data Studio.

PPC Analyst resume - CV

PPC Analyst resume should include:

  •  Experience in running successful PPC campaigns, handling a significant budget.
  • Project spending pattern forecasting on an advanced level
  • Ability to provide PPC and Paid Social Strategies and recommendations.
  • Knowledge of SEM data sources ( Adwords, GA, Semrush, Similarweb Searchmetrics)
  • Good analytical skills (an example of  analysis – what was the aim, what was the process ( how data was pulled, analyzed, visualized ) what was the insights, what were recommendations  and how was it implemented and measured )
  • Analytical skills,  data science skills, statistical skills
  • Knowledge off platforms for setting up reporting  –  GA, GDS, Gsheets, Power Bi, Tableau etc.

Checking PPC analyst job description on indeed.co.uk, according to job advertises important skills are:

– PPC expert is fluent  in showing value of campaigns

-PPC specialist  is being able to calculate ROI for paid campaigns,

– Calculate ROI for opportunities, gaps.

– Give best recommendations to maximise ROI from the budget.

PPC Analyst skills

For PPC Analyst  most important basic skills would be:

  • Math ( it`s a must- without  fluent basic math, percentage, growth  You are not able


  • Charts plots  comparisons reading


  • Excel skills ( pivot table, functions: vlookup, countifs, sumifs, averageifs, if, and, or, left, right)


  • Analysis :
    • Narrative Analysis
    • Descriptive Analysis
    • Basic forecasting


  • Reporting
    • Automate dashboards (excel)
    • Using reporting platforms ( Tableau, Power BI, Google Data Studio)
    • Data visualization skills

Adwords  knowledge :

– Manage paid search and remarketing campaigns on Google AdWords and othe channels.

PPC Analyst tools for analysis and daily job:

Most important tools to know

AdWords Editor
Google products (GS, GA, GDS)
PPC Tools = AdWords Performance Grader

PPC analysis examples, what You can do as PPC analyst to improve Paid campaings ?

PPC Analysis example:


  1. Start from general and go to details:
    1. Overview all campaigns and check is there any not giving  You proper ROI,  Where CPA( Cost per acquisition)  is higher than average.
      1. Try to explore why, what could be the reason drilling down to ad groups and keywords, find and remove any outliners, maybe You are betting on an unrelevant keyword with a broad match etc make sure to optimise those.
      2. Try to optimise any wasted spend but make sure You have some share of the budget to test new ideas for new keywords groups.
      3.  Quality Score is one of key elements for a low cost per click and higher ROI , to be as relevant with Your keywords, ads and landing pages as possible.
      4. Impression share, there always are some key keywords generating most of Your ROI, make sure You are as visible for them as possible
      5. CTR , Ads Click through rate,   is another thing to analyse, set averages among keyword group improve or cut out any outliners try to improve the averages by optimisation.
      6. Make sure You are testing optimisation for long tail keywords as well as for main money makers.
      7. AD text optimisation can impact Your  CTR but also Your Conversion rate so definitely analyse it from ROI perspective, not always higher CTR will mean more money for You.
      8. Remember to optimise Your landing pages using Hotjar, crazyegg , Google analytics can help You a lot as well. It is very important as this is something where Your clients may drop out by really silly issues and until You could test all the baskets, checkouts, sign in forms, You may miss something costing You a lot!

PPC Analyst Salary

Salary for PPC Data analyst, really depends from many factors like experience, job responsibilities, size of company  etc.

For example in UK  30- 40k

How much do PPC analysts/ specialist make??

This of course depends  from many many factors,   just as example I`m comparing here from popular job offers site:

UK median   30-35k GBP

US median 65 k USD

What is the role of PPC analyst/specialist??

Managing Paid  Search Data, looking for opportunities to improve performance by increasing ROI .  Making  sure   all paid  advertising is effective and efficient.

"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change." Charles Darwin

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