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Who is SEO Analyst? - Definition explained

SEO Analyst is  person responsible for  data around Search Engine Optimization, this means,  pulling , storing, analyzing , reporting and most important action recommendations based on data. It`s broad role as there are  many different types and kinds of SEO data.

SEO Analyst is using  his analytical skills, math and many tools for  analysing data from Excel, SQL, Python, R to Platforms for visualisations like Tableau, Power Bi, Google Data Studio.

SEO Analyst resume - CV

SEO Analyst resume should include:

  • Working knowledge in SEO  ( be able to pull insights)
  • Knowledge  on  SEO data sources ( GSC, GA, Screaming Frog, Ahrefs, Moz, Semrush, Deepcrawl, Searchmetrics, Brightedge …etc.)
  • Good analytical skills ( example of  analysis – what was the aim, what was the process ( how data was pulled, analyzed, visualized ) what was the insights , what were recommendations  and how was it implemented and measured )
  • Analytical skills,  data science skills, statistical skills
  • Knowledge off platforms for setting up reporting  –  GA, GDS, Power Bi, Tableau etc.

SEO Analyst skills

For Seo Analyst  most important basic skills would be:

  • Math ( it`s a must- without  fluent basic math, percentage, growth  You are not able


  • Charts plots  comparisons reading


  • Excel skills ( pivot table, functions: vlookup, countifs, sumifs, averageifs, if, and, or, left, right)


  • Analysis :
    • Narrative Analysis
    • Descriptive Analysis
    • Basic forecasting


  • Reporting
    • Automate dashboards (excel)
    • Using reporting platforms ( Tableau, Power BI, Google Data Studio)
    • Data visualization skills


  • SEO:
    • On page SEO  ( content, structure, tags , keywords etc)
    • Off page SEO ( backlinks, anchors, DA, PA)
    • Technical SEO ( indexation, response codes,  crawl data, markups , etc)

    SEO Analyst tools for analysis and daily job:

    • Pulling data
    • Visualisation and analysis
    • Making action recomendation/ testing hypothesis
    • Reporting and measuring impact

    Most important tools to know

    Google products (GS, GA, GDS)
    SEO Tools ( Ahrefs, SEMrush, Searchmetrics..

    SEO Analyst Salary

    Salary for Data analyst, really depends from many factors like experience, job responsibilities, size of company  etc.

    Biggest factors is country  where SEO Analys will be working

    For example in UK  30- 40k

    How much do SEO analysts make??

    Depending on many factors, biggest would be country:

    UK median   35-40k GBP

    US median 60-70k USD

    What is the role of SEO analyst??

    Taking care of data , reporting, measuring, analyzing pulling  insights  and giving action recommendations  in easy to implement form

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